trisha_roth_mdMy name is Trisha Roth and I am a pediatrician. I’ve worked in private practice for 30 years as well as  in public policy for 20 years in multiple areas. My intention for this website is to increase awareness by providing useful information about the diverse modalities of harm reduction.

My current objective is to find a part time or locum tenens position with a Cedars Sinai pediatrician. Click here for my resume and cover letter.

Dear Proud Classmates of 1966

Dear Proud Classmates of 1966, You are awesome! I wish that I had taken more time to smell the roses, to take a more diverse round of classes. I was so afraid of classes where you had to have an opinion. Because it seemed easier to take courses where there was only one right and finite answer, I never wanted to write papers, and obviously did not bond with the history and English ... Read More