Blow Bubbles not Smoke at the Pool!

I spoke at the rent control board on April 23 on the unintended consequences of the
newest  Santa Monica outdoor common area smoking ban. 

Dear Rent Control Board,


          As a parent,grandparent,  pediatrician, resident of the SHORES, a physician that has worked on public policy on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, I would like to express my concern about the drifting smoke from the proposed designated smoking area on the west side of the pool area at the SHORES.

          My concern is that the smoke drifts towards the 

area of the pool that is the shallow end which is where children play.

           This weekend my daughter and son in law and three grandchildren were visiting for my son’s graduation.

 My grandson has had an upper respiratory illness that has triggered bronchospasm which is constricted airways.

           To have the proposed designated area in a pathway to the children’s play area is of concern for me. 

           In Jan 2009 the AAP journal PEDIATRICS came out with an article on issues related to third hand smoke.

It is precisely that fact that we are making an effort to keep chlildren out of harms ways.

           Are we interested  in evicting children from the pool by designating an area that is sending a class a carcinogen  and reproductive toxin towards them and their parents.?

        There are  electronic cigarettes were the smoke is harmless, there are nicotene patches and gum and lozenges to allow people that are nicotene levels at a level that will keep them from developing withdrawal symptoms while they are at the pool

         I would hope that the SHORES would create lovely tables and an entrance on the back fence to allowsmokers to have their friends with them and keep children out of harms way.

        This is very much like making the beaches smoke free.

        I too am impacted by my next door neighbor smoking  more in her apartment because she can’t smoke in other places..

          I would hope that we will encourage designated smoking  and non smoking sections of buildings.

          The manager has told me that he has been threatened with a lawsuit by residents if they lose their right to smoke in the pool area.

           So does that mean he wants me to sue him instead?

           Since the manager was present and watching both his 4 year old daugher at the shallow end with my 4 year old granddaughter , he was also watching the resident smoking his cigar.

          Because there was no sign up as of yet, I did not approach the smoker. 

          I know that we have very bright and well intentioned people here.

         Thank you for your consideration and collaboration.. Gratefully Trisha Roth



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