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Women’s Workshop of Verbal Abuse

This is the 15th workshop of learning about verbal abuse, survival and recovery  May 22-24 in Northern California.
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Mindfulness Meditation for Relapse Prevention

lisadalemillerLearn a new technique for decreasing relapse to process or substance addictions.

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Ken Schonlau’s memorial

kenschonlauI am very sad that the world recently lost a great advocate of sober living: KenSchonlau. His memorial service will be held at S.H.A.R.E.! on Sunday, March 22 at 3pm at 5521 Grovesnor Blvd in Los Angeles. For information about the memorial service, you can call 310-305-8878 or go to the S.H.A.R.E.! website.

For more information about his work, please visit the Sober Housing website.


FACES Seminar on Mindfulness Meditation from April 2-4, 2009


There is an upcoming conference in Torry Pines (San Diego) this spring. The conference will explore the application of mindfulness meditation such as simulating effects of marijuana and chronic pain (among other topics).  Learn more about the topics and speakers at: FACE Conference.